Author: Ryan Ray

  • Morning Coffee Routine #2

    I had posted a little photo way back when of my routine of making coffee in the morning, which now this post and video is just the continuation of. Mindy and I had the idea for a little while to create a mini doc tentatively titled “Weekend-ing”, which is where this short video came from.…

  • I Was Hired

    It’s been a little over a month since I wrote this post, Getting WooThemes Attention, and I’m very happy to report back that I got the job!

  • Getting WooThemes Attention

    For those unaware, I’ve been on the job hunt since late December. I finished school and moved to Plainfield, IN ready to find the next thing after college. The job search has been a little disheartening though so far, as many can relate. I’ve been turned down from three potential jobs for being over qualified,…