Shooting Video With The iPhone 4

Alright, the iPhone 4 has been in the wild for a couple of months and I haven’t got around to shooting video with it yet. My bad…I’ll admit, but I made everything right this weekend while I was on my way to visit Mindy. I’ve been wanting to shoot for a while with my iPhone. It has nice 720HD capabilities which makes the video actually look alright! I was very surprised that the video worked well after giving it a little color treatment. It did help to have lots of natural light available… 🙂 It’s awesome to know I’m carrying around a pretty capable video camera at all times. Nothing beats the 7D though, at least until I can get a 5D. Just day dreaming… So here is the video, let me know what you think. Shot with an iPhone 4, edited in Final Cut, treated with Color.


6 thoughts on “Shooting Video With The iPhone 4

  1. Saranray

    Ummm,Ryan… how many times does your Momma have to tell you not to play with your toys while your driving?!?!?! Oh… and clean your windows!

  2. Alex Earnhardt

    I like this man! I shot some stuff on my phone on my way home this weekend… you kinda inspired me! Always good stuff breh!


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