WooConf Golden Ticket shot on iPhone 6

We successfully put on our 2nd WooConf earlier this year in Austin, TX. It was such a huge success and major improvement from our first WooConf. Not that the first was bad in any way, it was just astounding to me the leap that Maria and team made from WooConf 2014 to WooConf 2016! They deserve some major kudos for making WooConf 2016 such a great event. 🙂

Before I get too distracted though, the point of this post is to show how I shot the WooConf Golden Ticket Competition with my lousy iPhone 6. It’s no iPhone 6s/6s + with 4K video and optical stabilization, etc…, but I asked myself if we made a compelling set of videos did it matter?

As much as I love 12bit RAW and 15 stops of dynamic range, I’d say NO! But I’d only say so with a caveat. The Golden Ticket competition was run via Instagram where we asked people to tell us how they use WooCommerce and why they should get the illustrious golden ticket. Which was a free ride to Austin to join us for WooConf, awesome prize!

Being that our platform was Instagram and we weren’t asking for a high production value, I thought it’d be appropriate to shoot our four example videos the same way that anyone else would. Via their phones!

So check them out below, the last example video seemed to be good enough to trick my colleages into initially picking that as the winner. I had to tell them it was fabricated by me and a good friend. 😉

Setup Rundown: iPhone 6 / Icelight 2 / Rode NTG-2 / Tascam DR-44wL / Davinci Resolve Studio





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