I’m just your average dude, but with a cool middle name. Yes, my given middle name is Cannon.

Besides being named after a piece of artillery, I’m driven by my own sense of creativity and humanity. Each morning, with coffee in hand, I try and make the web a more human place where we can all get along in peace. I attempt my best at that via my career as a Happiness Engineer.

Outside of this I’m #livingmybestlife in the midwest. I’ve got a wonderful family who puts up with how much I love the outdoors. This is best enjoyed on a bike, IMO. I love riding my bike, particularly fond of gravel and mountain bikes, and witnessing the outdoors on two wheels. I also love camping and backpacking, which lucky enough you can combine the two in bike packing.

Follow along for all my thoughts, opinions, and photos of an average dude riding around on his bike. I hope you enjoy!