Hi. My name is Ryan Cannon Ray. “Cannon?” you might ask and I’d say yeah! It’s a family name, and I love it.

Besides being named after a piece of artillery, I’m driven by creativity and humanity. I get up each morning, coffee in hand, and try and make the web a more human place where we can all be friends. I attempt my best at that through video.

It seems all my life I’ve gravitated towards moving pictures. I’ve tried to be good at a lot of things, not that I’m a great video producer, but I’m continually working on it. I love the technology behind producing a video, and I love the end product; a well-made film that looks fantastic and captures something tangible in a captivating package.

I had my beginnings in high school nabbing my Mom’s 35mm stills camera (used in her own high school photography class) to cut my teeth on. The small town where I grew up had no means of where I could be educated, so I learned through the wonders of the internet and hard graft. I shot a lot of film and made pointless (but fun) videos with friends through those years. I didn’t care about ASA, T -stops, dynamic range, or low light sensitivity.

As I began officially studying video I bought my own camera and the video hook sank deeper. I decided to major in Marketing (sounded safe), but also picked video production to fill up any spare time. There I finally learned the ins and outs of composition, exposure, ASA, and other terms that may bore you. With all of this new found knowledge I became engrossed up to the neck in the world of cinema.

Thus here I am, I work for an amazing company called Automattic who’s itself is made up of people working towards making the web a better place. It’s been a heck of a journey getting to today, and I’ve got many more miles to go!

If you could tell I do spend a lot of time with gadgets and a computer, but I have a life too! I’ve played drums for as long as I can remember, try to be outside and stay fit by running, walking, or  cycling, and enjoy life with my wife. We love spending time in the great outdoors and hanging out with friends and family.