Hire Me WooThemes

NOTE: WooThemes was acquired and I’m now happily employed at Automattic. I’m a Happiness Engineer where I work on supporting our mission to democratize commerce. If you love open source and want to help make the web better, come work with me. 🙂

Here’s the email I’d originally sent that started this great trajectory…

I hope you’ve seen my email. Just incase you missed it among the others, I made this little page for you. Thanks for reading.

I’d be honored to be your community manager. I love to help people and I love WooThemes, I’ve always come to WooThemes for my projects. I have some awesome ideas for the support resources, plus video experience to make more tutorials. I’m a friendly guy who can answer emails and interact with users all day long, and I know how to use Facebook & Twitter to boot!

I’m a very satisfied WooThemes customer (I love the shortcodes!) and would be happy to help many more WooThemes users feel the same. I’m a fresh graduate with hands on, err digital hands on, experience with marketing and am looking for a great place to work.

Thanks again for your time, and enjoy a short video on why you should hire me.