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  • November Backpacking ’19

    November Backpacking ’19

    Some of my favorite dudes put together a two night backpacking trip down the Knobstone Trail in southern Indiana. I’d never been on this trail, but it was a perfect time for fall foliage. The temps were a bit chilly at night, but given a camp fire and our high spirits things were perfect. The…

  • Indiana State Fair ‘19

    Indiana State Fair ‘19

    A fair so nice, we ended up going twice!

  • Our (digital) Memories at Risk

    Our (digital) Memories at Risk

    The thought dawned on me the other day that the rapid adoption of digital devices to run our lives has put our memories at risk. A risk that I think is higher now more than before, not that it was great pre-digital though. With one careless flush, we can quickly send our address book, emails, photos & videos,…

  • Grandma’s 95th shot on Moment

    Grandma’s 95th shot on Moment

    A birthday celebration shot with an iPhone 6 and Moment lenses.

  • WooTrip 2013

    WooTrip 2013

    I spent a week in the beautiful Netherlands with my WooThemes family/coworkers. We had a great time hanging out and catching up, doing a little work, attending WordCamp Europe, dancing, etc…

  • I Was Hired

    It’s been a little over a month since I wrote this post, Getting WooThemes Attention, and I’m very happy to report back that I got the job!

  • Getting WooThemes Attention

    For those unaware, I’ve been on the job hunt since late December. I finished school and moved to Plainfield, IN ready to find the next thing after college. The job search has been a little disheartening though so far, as many can relate. I’ve been turned down from three potential jobs for being over qualified,…