Our (digital) Memories at Risk

Our Memories at Risk

The thought dawned on me the other day that the rapid adoption of digital devices to run our lives has put our memories at risk. A risk that I think is higher now more than before, not that it was great pre-digital though. With one careless flush, we can quickly send our address book, emails, photos & videos, and more into the ether. Out of all of that the thing that scares me the most is losing the memories captured in the photos & videos.

If you are around my age you may remember family memories on slide film and VHS. While you could easily record over a birthday party with VHS, or have your slides damaged in a multitude of ways, at the least families had a physical copy stored somewhere.

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Getting WooThemes Attention

For those unaware, I’ve been on the job hunt since late December. I finished school and moved to Plainfield, IN ready to find the next thing after college. The job search has been a little disheartening though so far, as many can relate. I’ve been turned down from three potential jobs for being over qualified, and in general a job that sounds genuinely exciting is hard to find. There is always some hope on the horizon though. One of the internets fastest growing companies, and one of my favorites, is hiring. WooThemes is looking for a community manager. When I read this news I probably got too excited and hurried off to my mail program to apply. I sent off my application today and then sat here thinking, what can I do to try and stand out from all of the other applications they are getting?

First you must know, part of the requirements for the job is to interact with their users across Twitter, Facebook, and their blog. So that gave me the idea to create a simple page on my site summarizing why I’d be great for WooThemes. I’ve seen it done before with success and thought I’d give it a shot. I thought it was especially appropriate to that this page is on my WooThemes site.

With that said this is where you come in.

I’d be forever grateful to you if you went over to my WooThemes page and used the Facebook & Twitter buttons to show your support. Don’t be afraid to tell your friends as well. You’ll hopefully help me stand out from all other applicants, and maybe WooThemes will think I have just the right amount of qualifications for the position. Thanks a ton. 😉